A car is a precious investment to its owner. It is more than just a machine, but a vessel representing emotional attachments and memories. We want to keep our cars in tip-top condition for as long as possible. However, it is not an easy thing to do. One needs to have an in-depth understanding of the working, parts and accessories of the car, which is not possible for an amateur.

Nowadays, with the increased demand for cars, there has been a significant boom in the automotive industry. More cars imply more demand for auto spare parts, which has also grown as an industry by itself. In case one or more of your car parts start malfunctioning, there are many companies from where you can buy auto spare parts. However, you must be careful, as there are many imposters out there who will sell you counterfeit auto parts. These parts are of low quality and of low-performance standards and have several negative impacts such as:

  1. These parts are not authentic and have poor performance standards. They might not match the standard or brand of your car. They will start malfunctioning only after a short while. This will put pressure on the car engine and ultimately harm the overall functionality of the car. This will result in shortening of your car’s lifespan.
  2. Auto parts of low quality are usually unsafe. This greatly increases the risk of your car getting involved in more accidents. If important auto parts like airbags, tires, batteries, exhaust belts, etc., are of a low quality, the car may start malfunctioning and that may cause accidents. Without any doubt, you would want to avoid a situation like that. Therefore, you must be cautious against counterfeit motor parts and accessories.

The automobile market is unfortunately flooded with counterfeit auto parts and accessories. Therefore, while buying spare parts for your car, you will have to be extremely cautious and select the right spare parts supplier. The most commonly counterfeited spare parts of the car are the most vital ones like-

  1. Brakes

The brakes are crucial in controlling the speed limit of the car and subsequently preventing accidents. The brake pads need to be soft and supple in order to afford a good grip and greater efficiency. Counterfeit brake pads are made of harder compositions, mostly metals that corrode easily, which results in the brakes not working on time, causing major accidents. In addition, the harder the brake pad is, the more pressure is being exerted on the motors of the brake, which results in the brake being worn out within a short span of time. Hence, it is essential to select a soft and high-quality brake pad.

  1. Oil filters

Oil filters are important in maintaining the pressure of the oil flow and ensuring that it is exhausted properly. Good quality oil filters are equipped with a check valve that ensures that right oil pressure is being exerted upon the engine. Low-standard oil filters do not have this valve, thus oil pressure and flow are not properly maintained, eventually damaging the engine as well as the entire car.

  1. Car battery

It is undoubtedly, the most important part of the entire car. Without the battery, your car would not even start. Thus, the battery should be of high standard in order for the car to function properly. The battery powers up the entire vehicle. Thus, while buying your car battery, always invest in the best one in the market. It will help augment your driving experience.

  1. Ignition components

Ignition components and spark plugs are necessary as they prevent accidental combustions in the engine. When it comes to ignition components, it gets tricky, as it is difficult to differentiate the duplicates from the authentic ones.

  1. Other essential parts

Other parts like tires, carburettors, car exhausts, lubricants are also counterfeited and sold at a higher price to unsuspecting customers.

In today’s age of advanced automobile technology, you should always choose OEM-specified car spare parts and accessories, to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. For that, you will have to buy auto spare parts from a reliable and well-established company. If it is a good auto parts supplier, they will surely provide you with genuine spare parts that will give maximum performance and durability to your car.

To find a renowned supplier of genuine spare parts, you can take help of the internet. There are many suppliers out there that operate online and allow their potential customers to browse the company’s website before making the final purchase. You can locate a trusted supplier by going through its customer reviews, and can purchase the products you want with ease.

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