Nothing can be more soothing than the word “PIZZA”. Who doesn’t love Pizza? Pizza is something you can eat every time. Hardcore Pizza lovers love to try different places. But it often happens that they get nothing but a lie in the name of Pizza. If you are in Pune and want to eat pizza but is afraid to try a new place, then here are some restaurant where you can get the best pizza in pure.

  1. Slice of Soul:

This restaurant has the perfect name for it. Some pizza slices may feed your body but then there are some sliced which is made for your soul. After every single bite, you will fall in love with their pizza more and more. Situated in Kalyani Nagar this is the best Pizza joint. You must eat pizza of Slice of Soul whenever you are in Pune. You even have the liberty to make your own pizza.

  1. Largo Pizzeria:

If you want to try something new then Pizzeria is probably the best for you. It is located in Viman Nagar. Their Pizza is Luscious and lip-smacking. If you come here once you will want to come here every day. The Spicy Rosey Pizza is the must if you go there.

  1. Mozzar’s Pizzawork:

The word Mozzar is related to the very yummy thing in the world i.e. Mozzarella. If you want to know that how it is related to mozzarella then you must visit this place once in your lifetime. This pizza joint is very pocket-friendly which makes it more wonderful. To all the cheese lover, they have cheese jackpots also so you must not miss the chance to come to this place once in your lifetime. They do a lot of experiment with the pizza so you can try any of their experimental pizza.

  1. Dedizo’s:

The Grand Canal in the restaurant makes it more like Venice. This is a pure Italian restaurant. To all the Italian food lover, if you want to have the best Italian food you must come to this place once in your lifetime. Carnazza is the best pizza in Dedizo’s. You must try it.

  1. GeoBistro:

As the name suggests, it is a global bistro which has all the kinds of cuisine. But the best thing they serve is Pizza. The taste of the pizza is damn good. If would lick your fingers if you will eat their pizza once. You must come to this place if you call yourself a “Pizza Lover”. Their Chicken Pizza is a must try.

  1. The Greedy Man Pizzeria:

This place is located in Baner. All the foodies across the city have once tried their pizza. And not only pizza even their interiors are beautiful. You can even get confused that their speciality is Pizza or the ambience of the place. Their Supreme Pizza is what you must order.

So these are some of the places where you can get the best of the best Pizzas in Pune. If you visit Mumbai also, then Mumbai is full of the restaurants which serve the best pizza in Mumbai.   


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