Most Common Chimney Issues and How to Solve Them

Chimneys are a common sight in the modern household. No modular kitchen is complete without a chimney which not helps as an effluent for smoke, but also adds aesthetic value to the kitchen. However, these chimneys have to be maintained properly for their efficient performance. Chimneys that are designed and constructed in a professional way are less likely to have issues, but it is not impossible for these to develop issues. There are a lot of professionals offering chimney repair services and so getting your chimney repaired is not a problem in today’s world. Let us now look at some of the common chimney problems and how they can be resolved.

  1. Less Draught – One of the most common issues with a chimney can be insufficient draught which can happen as a result of various factors like nil air flow, large fireplace opening, blockage of the flue, and inconsistent flue offset.
  2. Up draught issues- This is one of the common problems which is characterized by smoke passing into the room and doesn’t escape back from the room. This symptom will be consistent irrespective of the weather. This happens as a result of negligence in chimney cleaning. To avoid this, chimneys have to be cleaned regularly and meticulously. One more way to avoid this issue is to use chimney sweep rods that will help in eradicating blockages and ensure smooth flow of flue.
  3. Incorrect positioning of chimneys- Appropriate positioning of chimneys is very important for its effective and smooth functioning. If the chimneys are positioned such that wind blows at the top of them, the functioning will be inconsistent and will vary with the strength of the wind flow. Wind can both positively and negatively affect the performance of chimneys. If the chimneys are located in a low elevation relative to the roof of the building and in a direction of wind flow, there will be a high wind pressure in chimney’s location and a low wind pressure on the closed surface of the building resulting in the air being absorbed downward by the chimney and out to the lower pressure area. To avoid this, always make sure to place the chimneys higher in elevation than the high-pressure zone. This can be achieved by first trying with different lengths of metal pipes to first determine the exact length needed in excess.
  4. Down Draught- The problems arising due to down draught of chimneys can be from two causes. First, when the entrances to the room such as windows, and doors are situated in a low-pressure zone and this will drastically affect chimneys that are small. To avoid this, the existing fire has to be replaced with a closed room heater that can reduce the airflow and maintain a high temperature in the flue gases. The second cause of down draught can be wind currents. To avoid this, protect the chimney top with OH pot or the Marcone/Vort-x pot.

Don’t be among those who underestimate the importance of chimney maintenance. Call us today “chimney service” and we can send a professionally licensed and experienced chimney technician to determine whether your chimney needs repair.

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